Public Works TV Episode 70: San Francisco Public Trash Can Pilot

This summer, San Francisco Public Works will place prototypes of our next generation public trash cans on the street for real-life testing. Community members will have the opportunity to evaluate the cans and give input into the final selection.

During the 60-day test period, custom and off-the-shelf models will be placed in neighborhoods around the City. Each prototype can will have a QR code affixed to its exterior. The QR code will connect people to an online survey. Also, Public Works will be promoting the web address for the survey through social media and other communications outlets. In addition, staff from Public Works, nonprofit organizations and Recology who maintain, clean and empty the cans will be polled for their input.

Public Works then will review and assess this information and land on a final design for the new City can.

After the design is set, a Request for Proposals will be developed to select the manufacturer for San Francisco’s new 3,000-plus public trash cans.