• Welcome to APROE. We provide services to help you get your products launched. We can directly support your development project, or help you create a world-class facility to develop and test products yourself.

  • Our 5-axis waterjet cutting service offers more possibilities for customization, production, and complexity. From the most challenging one-off designs to the simplest solutions, our expert Bay Area team is here to bring your project to life. Submit a new APROE Waterjet order by using our quick quote application form.

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  • APROE can help you develop a new product and take it into its first round of manufacturing. We have an in-house development laboratory and a network of local vendors who can transition your project into shipped products.

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  • APROE’s R&D Facility Services can take your company from interested to engaged in a matter of months. We work alongside Architects and General Contractors to realize your vision of product development productivity. We also offer Education and Training for the various internal services we help bring to life.

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SF Chronicle: Inside the secret studio where S.F.’s $12,000 bespoke trash can prototypes will be created

APROE was pleased to welcome columnist Heather Knight & photographer Lea Suzuki from the San Francisco Chronicle! After a shop visit, we had a chat about the possibility of APROE helping the city develop new trash…

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